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Ground Beef Now Available!

Announcing 1875 Beef!

Get a cut of sustainably raised, ethically farmed pasture fed beef! Now available in our gift shop! Bring your cooler to the Cowboy Dinner Tree and purchase your sirloin on site and stay tuned for the launch of orders through!Check back for the latest updates on our website and make room in the freezer!

As many of you know, Angel and I bought the Cowboy Dinner Tree (CDT) from her folks in 2012. Besides the CDT, they also had a ranch where they raised one of the nicest herds of Red Angus cattle in the west!

While cooking at the BBQ over the past 10 years I have been asked the same three questions multiple times per night: 

1) Is this my beef or did I raise it? 

2) Is it local beef? 

3) What cut of meat do we serve? 

Unfortunately, we’ve had to answer no, no, and Sirloin.  That’s all about to change! 

Angel and I have a herd of Red Angus cattle and we are going to sell the beef that we have raised or has come from our community partners at the CDT gift shop.  This new venture is 1875 Beef LLC. 

Why 1875? That was the first year a post office was registered for Silver Lake, Oregon. Having a post office was a big milestone for a community. We believe that is a good representation of the community project we are starting with our beef company. Interestingly enough, the first post office was close to the lake bed at the mouth of Duncan Creek, approximately 8 miles east of the current townsite of Silver Lake.

We have focused our cattle to be hardy, thrifty, and to have exceptionally high marbling in their meat. As you know the amount of marbling is directly correlated to flavor and tenderness. All of our beef will still be aged 21 days and will be quality grade prime or choice plus. 

We will be serving our Sirloin in the restaurant, so we will finally be able to say, “yes there is a chance the steak you ate at CDT was raised by us.” Someday we hope all of the steaks we serve are raised by us. 

Our horses and cattle are always treated humanely, with dignity and respect. They are never given growth hormones, they eat Lake County hay all winter and they spend spring, summer and fall on a private ranch near Paisley enjoying some of the best grass in South Central/ South East Oregon! We manage our cattle in a sustainable manner; balancing the range of land conditions, wildlife needs, wildfire mitigation, and the productivity of our cattle.

Our loyal customers have trusted us to deliver them a great steak at CDT for over 30 years and we are asking you to trust us again for your family’s next BBQ with friends and neighbors, special event, or home-cooked meal by buying our beef to go the next time you’re out for dinner. 

We will begin selling grass-finished ground beef on Memorial Day weekend in 2022 and primal cut steaks in the fall. Please give us a call if you have questions. 

Thank you,

Jamie, Angel, and Family